Introducing 45Drives

“Our partners at 45 Drives recognize the escalating demand for data storage, surpassing the financial and human resources available to many organizations. As a consequence, a chaotic assortment of storage across various devices and platforms, known as the ‘storage zoo,’ emerges, making management and expansion challenging. Our objective is to develop robust, high-capacity storage solutions that enable our customers to regain control over their storage zoo, establishing organization and providing room for future development. Moreover, we achieve all of this by offering unparalleled service within the industry, at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional enterprise storage or cloud alternatives.”

45Drive Server Configurations & Features

Single Server Configuration

Multi-Sever Configuration

  • Lower Start-Up Costs

  • Transfer Speeds Over 3 GB/S

  • Start Small & Expand

  • Ultra Dense

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Fully Redundant

  • Scaled Performance

  • High Availability

45Drives – Product and Services