Cloud Native SD-Wan Essentials

Connect Everything Anywhere

Combine various network connections using our Turnium Edge as a Service, into one virtual high performance high-quality optimized pipe.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Our “out-of-the-box” deployment process will get you connected in minutes, reducing time-to-market, risks of business disruption, and increasing your business agility. We can deploy physical and virtual instances.

Unmatched Capability

Our TURNIUM SD-WAN as a Service can help you power your business with agility, control, simplicity, and security, while maintaining application performance and reducing costs.

Cloud Native SD-Wan Solutions

Business Continuity Ready

Our Turnium SDWan services remove the single points of failure configurations by moving your gateway to the cloud. Remote sites, Data Centres and Cloud Services continue to operate regardless of whether a single site experiences a network failure. Add our Bonded Internet ability with inexpensive Broadband, and all your sites can remain fully functional with ZERO business impact. Remote users now VPN into our secure cloud instance, retaining all data centre and cloud services.

All traffic remains encrypted, QoS required applications continue to receive the control and priority they need.

  • Single Points of Failure prone network configurations eliminated
  • QoS across all your locations, Data Centres and Cloud Services
  • Leverage Broadband Network Services (Connect anything, Anywhere)
  • Fully Managed, Cloud or Client Hosted options
  • Remote SoHo Office Options for Full SDWan adoption
  • Remote / Mobile Users VPN into your Private Network
  • Bond multiple internet connections for disaster recovery and security

EDGE Computing

Secure SD-Wan by Turnium is the perfect solution to deploy EDGE COMPUTING at a remote office, temporary facility, mobile facility. Deploy with confidence and security your remote EDGE COMPUTING platform like our available Scale Computing HE150 cluster.

Combine the security and continuity of SD-Wan and the resiliency of Scale Computing’s HC3 platform seamlessly.

Deploy IoT with Confidence

Organizations can now embrace the advantages of IoT with confidence when incorporating our Turnium SDWan Service. IoT devices can be deployed right across your PRIVATE NETWORK securely, all data traffic fully encrypted.

Your IoT devices will connect to your data centres, cloud-hosted applications within your full managed SD-Wan.

Security First Network

Centralizing your corporate gateway to our Turnium SD-Wan service now provides a SINGLE concentrated point for all network traffic. Capture, analyze, and be alerted to all traffic threats by placing your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) capture point at your hosted aggregator. Our services shape your traffic into a NORTH SOUTH / EAST WEST model. Quickly identify threats from external or internal sources instantly.

Add our MDR Partners for a fully managed security landscape.