Your IT Security Operations Command Center

As systems and environments evolve to become more complex, enterprises can’t continue operating the way they have in the past. As the Internet expands, your visibility and ability to respond diminish.

Adlumin Features

Adlumin’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities are always on the hunt for anomalies in operational and security data, with transparent alerts on potential threats.

A SOC built on Adlumin is one built on security fundamentals and next-generation, machine learning-enabled technology, so it’s faster, lighter and more effective.

On-prem or cloud environments are only part of the attack surface. Out-of-the-box darknet exposure monitoring completes the picture and illuminates the dark.

Should an incident occur, Adlumin identifies and prioritizes action to enable security teams (or our MDR++) to respond with lightning speed and accuracy.

Adlumin learns about your environments and helps you manage their security posture — with asset discovery, vulnerability and mis-configuration identification, and patch management.

One-touch compliance reporting makes ensuring and proving compliance to a growing library of standards or custom requirements fast and burdenless.

All the capabilities of a SIEM plus extended risk and management. Adlumin integrates and ingests data across your enterprise. Our Security Operations Platform correlates and prioritizes alerts from network traffic to web servers to SaaS applications.

Honeypots are designed to draw attackers to a decoy system and provide you with intelligence to strengthen your security. 

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