• Increased Control: full control over data, security policies, and infrastructure. This provides greater flexibility and control over the resources.

  • Customization: meet the specific needs of an organization, including performance, storage, and other resources to fit their unique requirements.

  • Cost Savings: private cloud can be more cost-effective by paying for only services needed, enables organizations to optimize their resources to reduce costs.

  • Scalability: easily scaled up or down to meet changing business needs and requirements, providing greater flexibility and agility.

  • Compliance: designed to comply with specific industry regulations and standards, ensuring that organizations can maintain compliance with laws and regulations that apply to their business.

  • Dedicated: TIERSystems, our sister company, offers an expanded range of options to our clients in terms of enhancing the resiliency, security, and flexibility of their IT systems for remote workers, ensuring business continuity, and reducing costs. This is made possible through the expertise and dedication of our team at TIERSystems.

  • Certified: TIERSystems is fully trained and certified on all our partner platforms, which enables us to effectively support and resolve our clients’ business and technology needs across various platforms.

  • Integrated Platform: We have carefully selected and tested our partners and their platforms for seamless integration, ensuring that clients can easily extend their Connex solutions from on-premises to xCentre, with full management provided by TIERSystems.

  • Business Continuity: As a direct extension of Connex, our shared clients’ business continuity needs, testing, and executing strategies are all effectively supported by TIERSystems, eliminating the guesswork in risk management.

  • MSP Tools: Our clients vary in all shapes and sizes, while some require our managed solutions, many clients are also self-managed. So we decided to extend access to the same tools we use for management to our clients as well. We now offer full access to Mobile Device Management (MDM), Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), IT Service Management (ITSM) and many more.

Achieve Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) with always-on asset and sensitive data discovery, classification and risk management.

Cavelo helps IT and security teams protect their organizations’ sensitive data.

Data privacy and protection have never been more important, but the reality is that knowing where to start is tough for businesses juggling limited resources, noisy tools and an ever-evolving threat landscape.

The first step to securing your business’s data is to discover it.

Data is your business’s most critical asset, which is why the Cavelo platform leads with data discovery that finds sensitive data wherever it lives. Consolidate costly spend and get greater visibility across your tech stack with a customizable dashboard and features that match your unique business requirements and regulatory frameworks.