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Managed Detection & Response

Applying carefully selected technologies with a zero-trust philosophy, our partnered eSentire Atlas service defends your digital business from evolving threats. The cloud-native platform provides the processing scale and speed to combat emerging threats by ensuring that new detections at a single customer are immediately translated to protection across all eSentire customers.

Ingesting billions of signals, we combine expert machine learning with expert analysts in our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to hunt and contain attacks that evade traditional security products and legacy MSSPs.


  • Multi-signal ingestion

  • Zero Trust

  • Patented technology & elite threat hunters

  • Managed remote containment

  • Unlimited embedded incident response

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Managed Detection & Response Essentials

Prevention Technology &
Device Management

Early stages of security services centred around prevention and leveraged firewalls, antivirus and patching as proxies for risk management. As device numbers grew, organizations outsourced management of these devices, increasing scale but falling short in mitigating risk.

Alert Management & Alert Response

As the attack surface spread and regulatory consequences grew in severity, focus shifted to correlating signals and generating alerts that could be actioned quickly while satisfying compliance. Unfortunately, the majority of alerts resulted in longer incident dwell times due to lack of personnel and the expertise to hunt, confirm and contain threats in a timely manner.

Proactive & Predictive Response

Organizations recognize that achieving compliance alone does not equal effective cybersecurity. Proactive and predictive threat management emerged. Both approaches leverage advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, to illuminate the most elusive threats, to reduce false positives and to predict cyberattackers’ next moves.

Managed Detection & Response Solutions

Delivering MDR3

Our global leader, eSentire and their MDR service mean high fidelity detection and unparalleled response. You shouldn’t settle for partial security, so we ingest multiple signals, correlating data across your network, endpoint, log, and cloud sources to disrupt threats before they impact your business.

Unlimited embedded end-to-end incident response capabilities included (no-retainers, no extra fees). Minimize threat actor dwell time with containment performed on behalf of the customer. Remediation guidance and unlimited SOC support ensure all traces of threat actor activity are eradicated, and the network is hardened against future attacks.

Compromised, Act Fast To Reduce Impact

Digital Forensics & Incident Response services are available for Emergency Incident Response Support or as an Incident Response Retainer. When you’ve been breached, every second counts, so we make 4-hour threat suppression possible, remotely, anywhere in the world.

When an incident strikes, you want eSENTIRE in your corner.

The eSentire team delivers the fastest response time in the industry and can begin threat suppression remotely within just 4 hours of being engaged. With Incident Commander level expertise and industry-leading technologies for remote access and recovery, we work with you to handle emergency security incidents and digital forensics investigations.

Cyber Risk is always evolving

eSentire’s Managed Risk Services measure your current security posture through a framework of industry best practices and regulatory compliance requirements.

Their risk management team helps you identify blind spots, build a strategy for mitigating risk, and operationalizes capabilities to predict and prevent known threats. Our managed risk program works hand in hand with our multi-signal Managed Detection and Response service to deliver high fidelity detection and complete response.

They support in assessing, testing and refining your strategic security plan. The results? Your security program becomes adaptable to business performance drivers and the evolving threat landscape. Your defences are hardened, risks are managed, and you can demonstrate a measurable return on your cyber investment over time.