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Enterprise Storage

A comprehensive security first SD-WAN platform offers exceptional resilience and performance at the right price. Or Turnium SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Network) helps you deliver fully scalable networks that combine multiple connections into a single virtual connection.

Deliver always-on connectivity between multiple branches, regardless of geographical location, at a cost you can afford while providing instant failover, QoS (Quality of Service) for voice, encryption, and multi-tenancy.








Provide you with the best storage solution for your data needs – not the most expensive one. Today we provide the most affordable enterprise-class storage solutions in the industry.


To provide affordable open-source enterprise storage solutions while staying true to our community roots by giving back to the open-source community that we rely on.


Unlike mainstream data storage providers 45Drives maintains an open design and ongoing relationships with the open-source community.

Enterprise Storage Essentials

No Vendor

Our team of storage experts can integrate a robust 45Drives solution into your current IT infrastructure or help with any storage challenges you face. We also offer the least restrictive warranty on the market!

Optimized Solutions

With direct- wired-architecture, combined with open-source software leads to a combination of performance, throughput and reliability for an unmatched price.

Robust Hardware & Software

Designed to maximize performance and throughput at a minimal cost. Using open-source software and commodity hardware, experience all the benefits of easy maintenance, metrics, reporting and dashboards without reoccurring licensing fees.

Fully Supported

Our support team is here for you from decision making and design to deployment and maintenance, ensuring you get the right storage solution for your needs. We support both, our hardware and the open source software we configured on your server.

Enterprise Storage Solutions


45Drives network attached storage server is great for any business size from the enterprise to the small business to boost productivity and minimize IT overhead. It also has the ability to scale-out when more storage is needed. You even have the ability to link together multiple NAS servers to a scale-out cluster, with the ability to achieve petabytes of storage.

Storinator benefits over other network attached storage servers?

  • Affordable large storage
  • Centralized file storage

  • Easy to set up and pre-configured for client

  • Fully remote accessible via Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

  • Multi File sharing protocols

  • Onsite Backup appliance with rapid restore

  • Provides hard-drive RAID redundancy to protect your data
  • Set up user permissions, folder privileges and restrict access to documents
  • Available in 15,30,45 and 60 drive configurations
  • Compatible with Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure


The combination of massive SSD and mechanical storage gives you the option for tiering or caching in order to get extremely fast random access to active data. Once you are finished, the data can be migrated to the mechanical hard drives for longer term storage. Doing this within a single chassis allows for extremely fast transfers.


Engineered for Performance,
This all flash server is designed to deliver high availability and reliability while moving massive amounts of data fast.


Keeps all your files in one convenient, centralized location – while SSD’s allow for ultra-fast access.


Designed to deliver high availability and reliability while moving massive amounts of data at lightning-fast speeds.


Available with 32 bays for up to 250TB of SSD storage in a single server. Scale your storage by clustering multiple servers.

Ceph Storage Cluster Solutions

45Drives Ceph Clustered Solutions offer peace of mind. Through redundancy, multiple copies of your data are spread across multiple servers to ensure high-availability. That means you can lose disks and/or servers while maintaining full uptime. With no single point of failure, your data is always available so; your IT person is free from overtime and unnecessary stress.


Offers redundancy via replication or erasure coding. This means multiple copies are spread across multiple nodes to ensure high availability. They are also fault-tolerant, enabling you to lose disks and/or servers while maintaining full uptime.

This solution is self-healing, it will automatically re-distribute data during expansion and/or OSD failure, ensuring your data is available and safe of your nodes.

Gives you the ability to start small and grow over time. You can increase capacity by adding more hard drives and/or servers at any time. With the 45Drives Ceph Clustered Solution your performance scales linearly with capacity.