Smart Cities / Connected Cities / Secure Cities (Series 1 & 2)

The Smart City evolution is here, with emerging innovations and technology. Creating new economic and social opportunities while posing challenges to security and expectations of privacy. Are you positioned to address these challenges?

Connex is excited to host the SMART/CONNECTED/SECURE CITIES series where we address these challenges with our executive panel which will give you a 360 view. Don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Smart Cities Series #1:

  • Nicky Kearns of Turnium introduces us to the importance of  SDWAN in Smart Cities.
  • Mark Sangster of eSentire brings real-life examples of cybersecurity risk Municipalities experience today and in the emerging Smart City.
Watch it here

Smart Cities Series #2:

  • James Mignacca (CEO) of Cavelo, where he highlights the changing threat landscape, emerging data privacy regulations, common data types and how they can all put your business at risk.