SC//Fleet Manager with Zero-Touch Provisioning

Slash configuration time by 90% resulting in the shortest path from pilot to production.

Zero Touch Provisioning - Click to Play


SC//Platform brings faster time to value in the data center, in the distributed enterprise, and at the edge.

Scale Computing Platform brings simplicity, high availability and scalability together, replacing the existing infrastructure and providing high availability for running VMs in a single, easy-to-manage platform. Run your applications in a fully integrated platform. Regardless of your hardware requirements, the same innovative software and simple user interface give you the power to run infrastructure efficiently at the edge.

Rapid deployment, self-healing, and web-based management capabilities mean that IT staff manage remote sites, such as branch offices, more efficiently and with less cost.

  • Centralized Fleet Monitoring and Management

  • Non-disruptive upgrades

  • Limited IT resources required

  • Intelligent automation and self-healing

Reduce IT infrastructure costs in almost every way. Hidden IT infrastructure costs associated with downtime, management, maintenance, training, and consulting are reduced to almost nothing.

  • Reduce deployment time and costs

  • Reduce ongoing management

  • No certifications required

  • No VMware or additional licenses

Avoid lost productivity for DevOps, remote workers, and application testing. Provide multiple disaster recovery locations and options to minimize or eliminate downtime and flexibility for data storage and application growth for critical on-premises applications.

  • Redundant critical hardware components

  • Automatic failover of VMs from a failed appliance

  • Intelligent self-healing automation

  • Replicate and failover to remote systems

More options to implement locally, offsite, and cloud-based backup and integrates with third-party cybersecurity solutions. VMs and data are protected.

  • All VMs created are highly available

  • No single point of failure

  • Clustered architecture

  • Self-healing machine intelligence

In the small and mid-market sectors, and at the Edge, IT administrators need a partner in the data center, at the office, and at every branch, store, and satellite location. Think of our ScaleCare Support and Professional Services teams as an extension of SC//Platform, putting essential service and support wherever you need it.

  • Product support

  • Installation support

  • Network configuration

  • Edge services