Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid Network Solutions with Turnium Managed SD-WAN

Most organizations today use cloud-based applications, data and storage. But delivering networks that connect every site — and every public and private cloud service your customers need — in a cost-effective way isn’t easy.

Designing and costing networks can include lengthy contract negotiations with multiple carriers. Implementation times can be long and getting Day 2 support or conducting MACD on these networks can be frustrating.

Turnium Managed SD-WAN offers an alternative to traditional telecom services. Our cloud-native solution offers simple, cost-effective connectivity wherever you need it.

Turnium SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN provides a secure way to achieve the same goals cost-effectively while keeping data in-transit encrypted. An SD-WAN network with centralized and secure Internet access can be deployed to connect multiple existing sites, including offices and data centers.

  • Connect multiple cloud providers and sites

  • Deliver Quality of Service for voice, video and other applications
  • Design, provision, launch and test the network in a timely fashion
  • Deliver an easily managed network

  • Add new sites in the future easily

Turnium: Building Your SD-Wan Infrastructure

Let’s take a look at what it takes to build this SD-WAN infrastructure within your environment today.

Turnium Reliability & Failover Features

When your connection goes down, it means dropped VoIP calls, cancelled transactions, and widespread inconvenience and frustration. Businesses should be able to rely on a self-healing system that reduces or eliminates downtime.

SD-WAN allows any business to combine multiple Internet connections (regardless of provider or type) to create reliable network connectivity. If one connection degrades or goes offline, your data will continue to flow to its destination uninterrupted. When the problem connection is fixed, the system automatically adds it back. No re-configurations or specialists are required. It’s that simple.

With robust reliability, you can provide customers and staff with near 100% uptime, regardless of branch or office location.  Turnium SD-WAN gives you the confidence to run your business without the risk of downtime. This always-on feature lets you create the network that’s right for your business and save you time and money in the process.

Data breaches at large, multi-site enterprises highlight the importance of having safeguards in place to protect your valuable digital information and to meet industry compliance requirements. PWAN encrypts and secures your data in transit.

Businesses spend almost 5x as much to incorporate remote sites compared to urban sites due to logistical complexity. The significant over-spend in both CapEx and recurring monthly charges needs to be contained. PWAN reduces costs using commercial broadband connections.

Network failures are inevitable; often caused by cut lines, weather, or other unforeseen issues beyond your control. Businesses need a reliable failover system that can respond quickly and gracefully.

The ability to easily add users and nodes regardless of geography is a must to future-proof your WAN and meet ever-increasing expectations. PWAN makes corporate applications, like data backup, available at all branches.